Japan is now on Golden Week 2021.

 Hello, AdSense fans, no time, no see, and no post.  Even so 2 or 3 months has passed at last post. I could not make a time to post on this site. I spent most of my time on tax returns. The record which was mistake way was make a loss time of cause. I re-sorted using the business owner's debt and the business owner's loan of the account, and this year I did not have any difficulty. In addition, my First Experience, e-TAX was. Fortunately, I received a serial number as a proof of certification.  The purpose of this year, even if my job is a free racer, I deal an account data as separate with private and business. Until the beginning of the third quarter, I think there is a distinction between private and business. While a student of Univ., I had study about a book-keeping. Of course, I use an electronic accounting system. It is easy way, I thought.  Now a day of me, too bad keep last day of crisis, addition COVID-19. By dint of these effects, I have a mind to act, but not to do.

February will be end soon.

Hello. AdSense fans. Crisis on Last year has affected my circumstances, still now. That was occurred in September and October.  My currency direction had changed towered to bad. The binary option was until then better. But this binary option is forbidden on USA and CANADA. North America continental persons who live need to attention. I could have good score, at then last September. Suddenly I could not make a good score. Still now, why has occurred these things, circumstance was not changed at that time. TPO is not to this incident, EQ is not so bad too. If it is. I had changed 32bit machine to 64 bit one too. I felt feeling is better as same as ordinary. Still was not that I could not understand of why incident had continued. Perhaps rats or something was done unwillingly do things which was no good one. By dint of this continuously incident, my economical condition changed to be a like a Friday of Thirteenth. Contracted provider, credit card and another, whole my need my things had c

No time, no see, how long passed at last post.

Hello to AdSense fan.  My mobile has good response.  Google AdSense system is even good job is going on. Perhaps setting is better than before. From now explanation of setting one. At the first : “ads.txt” file upload to your URL. Second : From your AdSense account, just you cut and paste a given snippet on your site . Third : Done button click, case of O.K. is “Thanks’ MSG” will be indicated. This is the big flow of start about AdSense. But it is not so popular that ordinally persons in japan are. Just popular persons know auto propaganda way. Because what was happened on my site, 400:00 JPY could earn while a year. Still is little bit early, affiliate auto propaganda on japan. But needs are the strongest, I thought.  To get an account of AdSense one is a need to pass a google assessment. What is mean of above one line. The site to have auto propaganda of AdSense is on safe. If not allow the policy of AdSense, auto propaganda is not indicating. In addition, just Google Assessment is n

Well come to NEW YEAR 2021.

 Happy very new year 2021. Last year, by dint of a COVID-19, whole year was too bad, everything was disappeared by one. For example, TOKYO Olympic Games. In japan was a started of new period it is called “Reiwa”, it become a cerebrating year was too bad started of it. By mas’ media, talk to a maximum record 1,300 persons was confirm per a day. Emergency beginning stated was began. My expectation is that immediately discover vaccine against COVID-19. US and CHAINA medicine manufacture and others make and try to a fitted one now searching. Now on TV said same things toking about it. Soon of a discover will be come, whole world become to normal day has back as soon as possible. I hope, this year become a good wellness year, Thanks’ you. To so see you again.

I need every re-setting of Analytics snippets.

 I have been got up at 6:30 a.m. (GMT+9:00). So, my brain was rest by good sleep, now is fine clear. So, I checked my site of setter Analytics snippets order, still need to fix or re-setting one’s snippets. My AdSense account still is not correct to work, reason is easy. Now jot down things comes to now tolerable ones, thus I feel so.    Must do things to correction to order of Google Subscription Systems setting. I need more check of these structure, system functions and other. It is too much complicated of these details. Need to more care to setting again. And reason why, I need more times to survey these subscriptions.    As a surface of WordPress was maybe fine, but before one’s course making my AdSense Account Setting is not right Action. AdSense account counter is now on, but against hits, not count one counter. Perhaps point is near here. After making a clear these things, re-construction account of these one’s snipes’ order. Because I said that I need more time to right set

I get a good job, last night action.

  Attempting debagging bag of this site at Last night, on MOVA, it is seeming like a bad visible has. Auto advertising banner has wrong on visible, for a while minutes before, I had checked condition of my site by my smart phone. Auto advertisement is correct running. At last I have done. And in an addition, I had changed an image of my site.   You can see a beach of some South Island and blue sky. It was an easy you and me to do so. Just a change the theme and an image of background can your site image like so. Couse of reason, my mind become to relax. AdSense auto advertisement is now going better running before.   Site health checker shows me a well done form the operating window. All bag was erased from my site, my responsible home page is now going on better than before. But background color and character color are mismatched. Bule and black is too bad combination for some minority. I will change a tuning a color matching, if possible, as soon.   Anyway, my site gets an orbit on.

Ten days has been passed last post.

 Good morning, no time no see from last post. A decade days has been past. AdSense Setting is better than before. Please check your MOVA, my 3 sites by WordPress made. Auto Advertisements is fitted your device screen. Last night I had check my MOVA, I feel it is better than before. But one of these sites need to ripper, some banner is not fitted every device. It is easy for me to ripper fitted banner for every device. Until at noon of the today, perhaps I will do it, if especially nothing occurred me some incident.  Recently my things, I join into A Freelance Association of Japan. Last night, I make a new name card, which printed its LOGO. By the way, are you make a name card, do you order to name card shop ? Nowadays it has been better, if you have a color printer and a PC, it is easily to make one. The cost is cheaper to order and flexibly, you can make it.   Anyway, nowadays Google subscription system has renewal. For example, Analytics system is changed before one, and then, I can