ONE decade days has been passed last post.

Good morning, no time no see from last post. A decade days has been past. AdSense Setting is better than before. Please check your MOVA, my 3 sites by WordPress made. Auto Advertisements is fitted your device screen. Last night I had check my MOVA, I feel it is better than before. But one of these sites need to ripper, some banner is not fitted every device. It is easy for me to ripper fitted banner for every device. Until at noon of the today, perhaps I will do it, if especially nothing occurred me some incident. Recently my things, I join into A Freelance Association of Japan. Last night, I make a new name card, which printed its LOGO. By the way, are you make a name card, do you order to name card shop ? Nowadays it has been better, if you have a color printer and a PC, it is easily to make one. The cost is cheaper to order and flexibly, you can make it.  Anyway, nowadays Google subscription system has renewal. For example, Analytics system is changed before one, and then, I can m…

AdSense Subscription System is now beginning to act on.

Good morning, Tokyo zoon time is early in the morning. With listing to the piano sound from the radio, I am now typing now. At last, my AdSense is begun to act on. My 3 WordPress is now is construction on inside satellite thins, the surface is perfection like so. Do you know WordPress is a one of CMS “Contents Management System”? And this CMS has been used of 30% over in the worldwide of home pages. The WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. The structure of this system is to create a homepage by combining Theme and Plugin to create a blog or an advertisement page. I'm currently rebuilding Google's subscription system. If this is not done slowly and carefully, it may cause the system to malfunction, so be careful and take the time to set it slowly. At the first setting Analytics, second is Tag Manager and that after Optimizer, I am currently rebuilding Google's subscription system. If…

I had done back to the old days AdSense account.

Hello. At last autumn has come. I had been back to old AdSense account. I must be re-setting the Google Subscription Systems. Removed AWS, GCP and G-Suite. They have been suspended as they are a bit too difficult and costly again. Still, there are any processes, and it is tight. However, I feel a little easier because there are no API settings. My 3 WordPress sites will be soon on an active. Addition, Analytics, TAG manager and Optimize need to re-setting. These all systems on the orbit need to one week. Reason is easy now is domain and subdomain are set inside my auto bending machine. Instead of removed AWS, CGP and G-suite these subdomains requires same settings of domain. A Computer has transacted some signal each domain. An explanation of Google System has shown these things by figures.  Anyway, my system could be back to the before account is happy. Doubly account operations can be cumbersome, so I think this can be a bit of a step forward. For me, who has been in WordPress for …

I had changed an AdSense account code.

This was a last night. One of my sites “WEB de General Store” was down. At the first, I did not understand why become like this. I asked to contracted rental server company, the answer was a follow, DNS setting was mistaken. On the last post, I described that the detailed settings of these sites will be unified. I had compared between a normal activated site and a site where the incident is occurring. As they pointed out, there was a problem in the details. By the advice, it site where the incident occurred was able to be restored. By the way, I changed my AdSense account. In this morning, my mailbox received a notification email for receiving the USB Blue tooth transmitter that won the auction, immediately I appreciated the listing as incredibly good and thanked and apologized. Blue tooth V5.0 is. Why I purchased it, my recycle 64 bits machine has not Wireless device, but this way is convenient than perches a new one. The spec of my PC is SSD, 16 GB memory and CORE I3 CPU. All sett…

The 2nd step of my AdSense Project.

Hello, nice to meet you. Today is my hometown being cloudy day. Today’s topic is my site is to simplify more before. This object is to master of Google Service Systems. For example, Google Ads became more easier than before,  But it is not so easy for ordinary person, like me that is too difficult things as you know. The inside of Google Ads setting was almost become green, but next step is a little bit of a difficult. Reason is an advertisement as a propaganda of Google Ads, itself is not so difficult. But connecting of my site by WordPress made is too difficult.  There is a formulation of the use way of Google system, I thought. Typical of wall was an AdSense setting, do you know “ads.txt” and “sellers.json” and snippets? If you want to know how to do, you should check Google AdSense Guide. There are may explanation of how to use and setting way of one. Therefore, I had down the Another ASP ”Affiliate service Provider” service. To make a simplified my site read to my site what is n…

Must do things before action.

Hello, Nice to meet you.
 What was to do today was Google Analytics re-setting.
 My 3 WordPress Sites need to ripper Google systems as follows.
 Analytics, tag manager, optimize, Google Ads and so on.
 For examples is Google Ads, if I say setting is incorrect, it may be somethings are mistake setting done. Why I can say it, I had searched the way of Google Ads Best Practice pages. In this page has shone right way of setting. This page name is “Google Ads: Conversion tag; Mechanism and setting method”.
 I have been issued several Google systems diplomas, but I still do not understand the overall best practices, so the results are as they are today.
 I need to study all of them more detail and more depth. For example, setting of control panel, arrangement of snippets and code. Between EN and JP of explanation makes me confusing and make me to mistake setting. It comes to IT Technical Terms schema is little bit different between of them.
 It is like an English and Japanese dictionary.
 Best wa…

My AdSense Dairy will be starting.

My AdSense Account is always indicating of Warning required sign. 
 After my ones were recovered, ordinal to business account, this indicate was appeared.
 One is that “Warning required - Please fix the problem in the ads.txt file so that it does not have a significant impact on your bottom line.”, another are “’AdMob’-related indicator data is no longer available in AdSense. Check your ‘AdMob’ account's Reports page for monetization metrics such as estimated revenue.”, “We recommend that you publish your seller information in a Google ‘sellers.json’ file. Check the status of your current publishing settings on the Account Settings page.” and “As part of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) setup, we are now able to select users from Google and Google's advertising partners who can monetize their bid requests.”.
 The first is how many times reappeared to allow to mention way, but still it is not disappearing. Domain is “”, today I casually AdSense Home Pag…